How to make a Grading System with Remarks in C


In this tutorial you’ll learn about on How to make a Grading System with Remarks using C as the language.

Before proceeding on our actual code let us first create an algorithm on how could it be done. Let’s say that we have a Grading System like this. Quizzes – 20%, Activity-25%, Project-20%, Attendance-10%, Recitation-5% and Exam 20% with a total of 100%. Given that both Quizzes and Activity had a dynamic number of inputs.

Our algorithm will be look like this:
Quizzes = (Total Quizzes / No. of Quizzes) divided by 20%;Activity = (Total Activity/No. of Activity) divided by 25%; Project = Project Score divided by 20%; Attendance = Attendance Score divided by 10%; Recitation = Recitation Score divided by 5%; Exam = Exam Score divided by 20%; Total Average = Quizzes + Activity + Project + Recitation + Exam;

Now on our actual code it is necessary to call our library for the standard input and output.

Declare and Instantiate the variables needed. Take note all Score and Grades will be declared as float, thus it is a decimal value.

Code for dynamic inputs of Activity and Quizzes. You can use any type of loop statement  for, while and do while loop.

Code for the inputs of Recitation, Attendance, Project and Exam.

Codes to show the equivalent and the Total Average Grade.

Code to show the remarks corresponding to the Total Average Grade.

Screen shot for the inputs.

Screen shot for outputs.

Hope it helps guyss.

Download “howToMakeAGradingSystem.rar” howToMakeAGradingSystem.rar – Downloaded 39 times – 10 KB